Rebecca Krutsinger, Becky Krutsinger, rputbresewatercolor


Rebecca Krutsinger born in Iowa is an artist who has spent her life living in the Midwest. Her studio resides in Illinois where she has lived most of her life.

It was a natural for her to find watercolor as her chosen medium in her artist profession. A lifelong love of art, creativity and learning brought her to the realization that her calling is watercolor painting. Though a self taught artist Rebecca has studied under many wonderful watercolor masters in various workshops throughout the USA.

Portrait painting, whether it be human or animal, is her passion. She has said, “I am mesmerized by the eyes. They speak to me. The portrait speaks to me.” Portraits are her favorite subject but she will experiment with landscapes and paints floral as well. She believes learning and trying new things is the road to finding a persons inner soul which her work portrays. Her sense of style is one of impressionistic and painterly with strong brushstrokes and opinion.

As a member of a number of watercolor societies Rebecca has opportunities to compete. Her work has been juried into many exhibitions including the San Diego WS, St Louis WS, Society of Watercolor Artists, Kentucky WS, Missouri WS, Pittsburgh WS, Illinois WS, Northeast WS, Minnesota Northstar WS, Central New York WS, Vermont WS, Philadelphia WS, Northwest WS, Georgia WS, Montana WS, Mid-Southern Watercolorists, Louisiana WS, Red River WS, International Watercolor Exhibit (IWE), Green Mountain WC Exhibit and Mark Arts Exhbit. She has won many awards. She holds signature status in the St. Louis WS, Missouri WS, Society of Watercolor Artists, Northwest WS, Central New York WS, Montana WS, Georgia WS, Kentucky WS, Northstar WS, Pittsburgh WS and Philadelphia WS. She has held a one woman show in 2018 and 2019. Her exhibitions “Floral, Feather and Fur” and “Whispers of the Wildlife” held at the Flora Public Library in Flora, Illinois garnered many paintings sold giving her the opportunity to then make a monetary donation to both the public library and the national wildlife fund.

Rebecca credits her love of art and beauty to her parents Ronald and Dorothy Putbrese who always encouraged her creative endeavors. She signs her work with her given name, Rebecca Putbrese, in honor of them.