Illinois Watercolor Society-IWS

36th National Exhibition

“Nature’s Beauty”

Montana Watercolor Society-MTWS

Watermedia 2020- 38th Annual National Juried Exhibition

“On Being Human”


Society of Watercolor Artists- SWA 

Juried International Exhibition- Fort Worth, Texas

“Las Vegas Lights”

St. Louis Watercolor Society- STLWS

20th Annual Juried Exhibition- St. Charles, Missouri 

“Time to Move On”

Awarded $200 First Place Award

Attained Signature Status

Missouri Watercolor Society- MOWS

International Exhibition- St.Louis, Missouri

“Front Row Seats”

Pittsburgh Watercolor Society- PWS

73rd Annual International Exhibition- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

“My Beauty”

Kentucky Watercolor Society- KWS

42nd National Exhibition Aqueous- Louisville, Kentucky

“A New View”

North East Watercolor Society-NEWS

43rd Annual International Exhibition- Hancock, New York

“ Blue Streak”

Awarded Holbein Artist Materials Award III

Society of Watercolor Artists- SWA

Juried Member’s Exhibition- Fort Worth, Texas

“Rainbows and Mermaids”

St. Louis Watercolor Society- STLWS

22nd Big Splash Member Exhibition- Kirkwood, Missouri 

“His Love Was His Strength”

Solo Show- “Whispers of the Wildlife

Flora Public Library- Flora, Illinois

Sold 24 Paintings


         Solo Show- “Floral, Feather and Fur”

        Flora Public Library- Flora, ​Illinois

        Sold 26 Paintings 


         St. Louis Watercolor Society- STLWS

        21st Big Splash Member Exhibition- St. Louis, MO

        “Whipping Winds”


         St.  Louis Watercolor Society-STLWS

         19th Annual Juried Exhibition- St. Charles, MO

         “On The Bug Beat”

         Sold at Exhibit